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Swansea Volunteering Forum is a members network of volunteer managers which regularly meets to develop and share best practice. 

Swansea Volunteering Forum provides an opportunity to network, receive peer support, work in partnership and access volunteer management development assistance at bi-monthly meetings.

The forum is an unbiased independent group, led by its members and facilitated by SCVS.

Membership of Swansea Volunteering Forum is free.

If you have any queries about membership or the Forum or wish to join please contact [email protected] or [email protected]   

For 2019

the usual pattern of the meetings is the 1st Wednesday of every two months 2-4pm

For 2020  

the usual pattern changes to a rolling bimonthly program - 1st Tuesday of the month then two months later 1st Wednesday of the month 10am -12


Wednesday December 4th 2-4pm

contact [email protected]


1. "Swansea Volunteering Forum 2020: How, why, when, where & by who"


2. "Mentoring"

Attendance at any Forum meeting is for Members only.