The ‘ A Better Welcome to Swansea’ Project helps to welcome and support people seeking asylum and refuge in Swansea to reduce isolation, encourage active participation, promote well being and enhance integration.

The project does this by matching newly arrived people with mentors who will support them and help them access services, social groups and classes. Mentors will also teach people about transport, best places to shop and other things that are helpful to know about life in Swansea! 

The project is a partnership between Swansea City of Sanctuary and  Swansea Council for Voluntary Service (SCVS).

Could you give someone a warm Swansea welcome? Become a Volunteer mentor with A Better Welcome to Swansea (click here)

In October 2021, Fusion Swansea produced a film exploring Swansea as a City of Sanctuary - you can watch it below

Or have you recently arrived in Swansea? Read on for information about our mentors

Have you recently arrived in Swansea? Or have been here for a while but have not been able to get help? Or have things changed?

We would like to offer you a warm welcome to the city. We hope that you find it an enjoyable place to be. We understand that it is not always easy to arrive in a new city.  If you would like support, then why not call or us or come to see us?

What does a mentor do?

A mentor is a trained volunteer who can help you to get the things that you need and want to do in Swansea. For example, they might:

  • Show and explain bus routes.
  • Show cheap places to shop.
  • Give information on health and social care services.
  • Help you to meet other people.
  • Help you to find things that you like to do, for example, football, singing, arts, dance…
  • Help you to find English classes and other training and volunteering opportunities.

Who will be your mentor?

Our mentors are trained volunteers who support people. If possible, we will do our best to give you a mentor who speaks your language or knows your local area.

Who can access a mentor?

Anyone who is an asylum seeker or refugee who feels that they need extra help to get to know Swansea or to find local opportunities. 

Contact Involve: [email protected] 

Become a Volunteer Mentor with ‘A Better Welcome to Swansea’

Mentors provide a crucial service at an important time in people’s lives. Many asylum seekers and refugees who arrive in Swansea may not have familiarity of the place, how things work, how to access services and most importantly have any connections with other people. Having a friendly face to provide a welcome can make all the difference.

Who can become a mentor?

Anyone can become a mentor. We particularly welcome applications from people who have experience of seeking sanctuary or who live in areas close to Sanctuary seekers.

We do ask for some skills and attributes which are outlined in the role description.

What does a mentor do?

A mentor is a trained volunteer who supports people to access the things that they want and need to be doing.

For instance, they might:

Demonstrate bus routes.

Show affordable places to shop.

Give information on health and social care services.

Support people to find social and leisure activities.

Support people to find training and volunteering opportunities.

The mentoring process aims to support a person to become as independent as possible.

What is involved?

The project involves 3 stages: Initial induction and training period: Where we find out a bit about you and tell you about the scheme. Regular sessions with a participant: There will usually be between 2 and 8 sessions. They usually last 2-4 hours each, depending on individual needs. An evaluation session: to see how useful it has been and how we can improve.

We offer you the opportunity to mentor as often as you like. 

Contact Involve: [email protected]