We aim to make sure you have the information you need to run your organisation, and to help the local third sector to communicate and work together. A core part of our work is to ensure that the sector in Swansea has access to relevant, up to date information.

  • Through our website - www.scvs.org.uk
  • Through our monthly e-bulletin (see below)
  • Through regular emails related to news and information of relevance to the sector
  • We are Social! Find and follow us for up to the minute news via:
  • Through seminars and events
  • Through SCVS facilitated Forums
  • Through a comprehensive range of Information Sheets, developed as part of the Wales wide infrastructure (see below)
  • Signposting to other organisations 

We can help if you need to promote a job vacancy, event, training course, fundraiser, news story, campaign, request and more. Get in touch.

InfoEngine logoAnd - SCVS is a partner in InfoEngine, the online directory of Third Sector support services, which helps you reach more of the people who need you - find out more here.

The latest edition of the SCVS Ebulletin is now available below

You can also download the previous 6 editions:

SCVS Ebulletin October 2020 Edition

Organisations can subscribe to our monthly ebulletin free of charge by contacting Gail. If your organisation has news to share with the rest of the sector, please get in touch: Gail Hanlin: 01792 544011 / Email: [email protected]

EBULLETIN DEADLINE: The ebulletin is sent out on 1st of every month except January (we don't produce a january edition due to the Christmas break) - if you especially need something to be included, we will need it at least 1-2 working days before distribution. If the 1st falls on a weekend, it is sent out on the Friday before.

Information Sheets

As part of the Wales-wide third sector infrastructure, a huge range of information sheets have been developed for third sector organisations in Wales. The sheets are divided into sections to help you find what you’re looking for. On this site, we have built our ‘Running your Organisation’ section around them. Click here for 100’s of free to download comprehensive information sheets covering all aspects of running your organisation or browse the sections below.

Information to help get a new project started from first ideas to setting up a charity or community group - click here for more.

Information about strategic planning, monitoring impact and basic legal requirements for managing an organisation such as health & safety, data protection, etc - click here for more.

Whether working with statutory bodies, considering tendering for a contract or developing partnerships with other third sector bodies this information will give guidance on how to get things right from the start - click here for more.

Listed here are information sheets to aid development of best practice in recruiting & supporting volunteers, and information on SCVS Volunteer Development services - click here for more.

Governance is about the leadership, direction and supervision of an organisation. It means making sure that the organisation is well run (or ‘governed’) and carries out the work it was set up to do - click here for more.

Information about working in the third sector as well as recruitment and management of paid employees - click here for more.

SCVS Development Team can provide up-to-date information on grants and other kinds of support available for your group's activities - click here for more.

Information about financial management and controls, annual accounts and other key areas of finance in your organisation - click here for more.

Information about owning and running buildings, land and vehicles - click here for more.

Information about how to get your message across including social media in the third sector - click here for more.

Information about local and national political life in Wales and how your group can get involved - click here for more.

Information about the implications of climate change and how it may affect the third sector - click here for more.