SCVS works on your behalf to represent the Sectors interests across a wide range of partnerships at local, regional and national levels.

We do this by

  • representing the local sector on strategic partnerships at local, regional and national levels, gathering the views of the local third sector and their service users around specific issues,
  • disseminating relevant information locally;
  • briefings,
  • raising concerns around sector wide issues,
  • Through a variety of SCVS facilitated Forums
  • responding to concerns of local groups and acting as a conduit to feed the views of the sector to local and national government, and to partners and decision makers in the statutory sector and other partnerships.

As the umbrella body for the voluntary and community sector in Swansea, we are uniquely placed to hear the views of large and small organisations across the breadth of the sector, with hundreds of local organisations in membership.

If your organisation is concerned about an issue, wants to connect with other groups around a specific topic, or needs to gather the views of the local sector, get in touch.

Representation is a cornerstone of the core function of SCVS, embedded in the work of all of our projects. Please explore the site to find out more - you may wish to start by reading more about the SCVS facilitated Forums by clicking here.

Consultations - details of all open Consultations of relevance to the sector which we're aware of can be found by clicking here