Information about financial management and controls, annual accounts and other key areas of finance in your organisation (English and Welsh are available).

Setting up a financial system

Sefydlu system ariannol    

Setting a budget

Sefydlu cyllideb    

Full cost recovery

Adennill y gost lawn    

Monitoring expenditure and budget

Monitro gwariant a chyllideb    

Financial controls

Rheolaeth gyllidol    

Annual accounts & audit

Cyfrifon ac archwiliad blynyddol    


Treth ar werth    




Cronfeydd wrth gefn    



Avoiding fraud

Osgoi twyll    

Ensuring you have a good reserve policy

Sicrhau bod gennych bolisi cronfeydd wrth gefn da    

How should reserves be invested

Sut y dylid buddsoddi cronfeydd wrth gefn    

How to write a good investment policy

Sut i ysgrifennu polisi buddsoddi da    

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