SCVS has a Volunteering Services Team who can help you to develop policy, procedure and paperwork around volunteer management. We can also help with your volunteer recruitment by registering your opportunities with our Volunteer Centre and adding them to the Wales-wide Volunteering Wales website.

For further assistance contact [email protected] 01792 544039

Volunteering Code of Practice July 2016 IMAGEPlease click here to find out about joining Swansea Volunteering Forum, a forum that aids volunteer managers develop best practice.

New from July 2016 - Click here to download the new Code of Practice for Involving Volunteers as a printable Pdf.

Listed here are information sheets to aid development of best practice in recruiting & supporting volunteers (English and Welsh are available).

Thinking about volunteering 

Meddwl am wirfoddoli         

Developing a volunteer strategy 

Datblygu strategaeth gwirfoddolwyr

Creating a volunteering policy 

Creu polisi gwirfoddoli     

Recruiting, selecting and inducting volunteers 

Recriwtio, dethol a sefydlu gwirfoddolwyr   

Attracting Welsh speaking volunteers 

Denu gwirfoddolwyr sy'n siarad Cymraeg  

Equality and Diversity in volunteering 

Cydraddoldeb ac Amrywiaeth mewn gwirfoddoli     

Equality and Diversity Monitoring for Volunteers 

Monitro cydraddoldeb ac amrywiaeth i wirfoddolwyr     

How to ensure volunteer satisfaction 

Sut i sicrhau bodlonrwydd gwirfoddolwyr  

Keeping volunteers safe 

Cadw gwirfoddolwyr yn ddiogel     

Risk Assessment - volunteers based at home 

Asesiadau risg - gwirfoddolwyr sy’n gweithio o’u cartrefi     

Safeguarding and good management practices 

Arferion Diogelu a Rheoli Da     

Disclosure Barring Services 

Gwasanaeth Datgelu a Gwahardd 

Volunteers and the law 

Gwirfoddolwyr a'r gyfraith   

Volunteers and welfare benefits 

Gwirfoddolwyr a budd-daliadau lles     

Volunteer expenses 

Treuliau gwirfoddolwyr    

Investing in volunteers 

Buddsoddi mewn gwirfoddolwyr   

Supporting harder to place volunteers 

Cefnogi gwirfoddolwyr anodd eu lleoli     

Involving young people as volunteers 

Cynnwys pobl ifanc fel gwirfoddolwyr     

Understanding mental health and volunteering 

Deall iechyd meddwl a gwirfoddol     

Volunteer Drivers 

Gyrwyr Gwirfoddol     

The economic value of volunteers 

Gwerth economaidd cyfraniad gwirfoddolwyr    

Employer supported volunteering 

Gwirfoddoli a chymorth cyflogwr     

What do Volunteer Centres do in Wales? 

Beth mae Canolfannau Gwirfoddoli yn ei wneud yng Nghymru?  

Managing volunteer exits 

Rheoli ymadawiadau gwirfoddolwyr     

Volunteers and Insurance 

Gwirfoddolwyr ac yswiriant     

Involving Volunteers from Overseas 

Cynnwys gwirfoddolwyr o dramor     

The language of volunteering - terms explained 

Iaith gwirfoddoli - termau cyffredin     

Managing concerns relating to volunteers 

Rheoli pryderon yn ymwneud â gwirfoddolwyr     

Promoting Welsh language through volunteering - English 

Hyrwyddo’r Gymraeg drwy Wirfoddoli

Welcoming volunteers who are asylum seekers or refugees

Croesawu gwirfoddolwyr sy’n geiswyr lloches neu’n ffoaduriaid       

Carers and volunteering

Gofalwyr a gwirfoddoli

In addition to the above information sheets which have been produced as part of the Wales-wide infrastructure, SCVS have produced the two additional sheets below:

SCVS Involving disabled volunteers

SCVS Involving young people as volunteers Good Practice Guide