Information on Trustee and Governance (English and Welsh information sheets are available).

What is governance?

Governance is about the leadership, direction and supervision of an organisation.

It means making sure that the organisation is well run (or ‘governed’) and carries out the work it was set up to do. This involves:

  • planning for the future
  • guarding the organisation’s values and reputation
  • looking after the money and people and
  • being accountable for the organisation’s actions and decisions.

Why is governance important?

Good governance is about making sure an organisation is well run. Organisations that are not well governed tend not to make the best of their opportunities and resources. In extreme cases a lack of good governance can put the entire organisation at risk.  Good governance therefore plays an essential part in securing the future of an organisation.


Principles of governance

Egwyddorion llywodraethu     

Recruitment, selection and induction

Recriwtio, dethol a sefydlu       

Working with the Chief Officer

Gweithio gyda’r Prif Swyddog    

Trustee indemnity insurance

Yswiriant indemniad ymddiriedolwyr    

Winding up - the steps involved and alternative options

Dirwyn i ben - y camau ac opsiynau eraill    

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(Graphic courtesy of Charity Commission)