SCVS Development Team can provide up-to-date information on grants and other kinds of support available for your group's activities.

If you would like us to do a funding search for you email a request to [email protected]

To help us identify the most appropriate sources of funding for you tell us:

  • What you need funding for
  • How much funding you need and by when
  • Who will benefit eg children, older people, people with disabilities
  • Whether you are a registered charity, community group or CIC
  • Your organisation’s annual income (to nearest £1,000)

Details of appropriate funders and any other information which we think might help will then be sent to you.

You can also use Funding Wales the funding search platform created by Third Sector Support Wales. To start searching for funding you must first register on the site, or you can use the widget below:

Click here to access Funding Wales

TIP - Before you can apply for grants you must have an appropriate governing document and a bank account in the group's name. If you need help with this please contact one of the development team.

Alyx Baharie – Development Officer / Compact

Tel: 01792-544005 / Email: [email protected]

Karen Procter - Development Officer / Wellbeing Social Enterprise Support Officer

Tel: 01792 544023 / Email: [email protected]

Information Sheets on all aspects of Finding and Getting Money are available below in English and Welsh.

Developing a fundraising strategy

Datblygu strategaeth codi arian    

Grants - fit for funding

Grantiau – addas ar gyfer ariannu    

Applying to funders

Gwneud ceisiadau i gyrff ariannu    

Accounting for Volunteers' Time in Funding Applications

Cyfrif amser gwirfoddolwyr wrth wneud cais am nawdd    



Fundraising events

Codi arian - digwyddiadau

Fundraising legacies

Codi arian - cymynroddion    

Fundraising donations

Codi arian - rhoddion    

Introduction to procurement

Cyflwyniad i gaffael    

Introduction to tendering

Cyflwyniad i dendro    

Developing a successful tender

Datblygu tendr llwyddiannus    

Costing your tender

Costio eich tendr    



Charity Shops

Siopau Elusen    

Giving (sources of funding)

Rhoi (ffynonellau arian gan noddwyr)    

Tax effective giving

Dulliau o roi arian sy’n effeithiol o ran treth    

Introduction to payroll giving

Cyflwyniad i roi arian trwy'r gyflogres    

Payroll fundraising

Codi arian trwy'r gyflogres    

Payroll giving consortia

Consortia rhoi o'r gyflogres    

Introduction to Gift Aid

Cyflwyniad i Gymorth Rhodd    

Gift Aid Promotion

Hyrwyddo Cymorth Rhodd    

Gift Aid Record Keeping

Cadw Cofnodion Cymorth Rhodd    

Gift Aid FAQ

Cwestiynnau cyffredin Cymorth Rhodd    

Corporate funding

Ariannu corfforaethol    

Spatial European Teams

Timau Ewropeaidd Arbenigol    

Working together to raise income

Cydweithio i godi incwm

Community Investment

Buddsoddi Cymunedol