easyfundraising scvs graphic 1 2024SCVS are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Easyfundraising, a micro donation platform which is free for you, your clients, volunteers and colleagues to use to raise additional funds for your group.

How does it work?

Once you’re registered, whenever your volunteers, staff or other supporters buy something online, the retailer will send your organisation either a flat monetary amount or a percentage of what is spent without it costing the supporter anything extra. 

24% of people shop online twice a week now so this is a simple way for your supporter network to raise money for your charity or organisation during the cost of living crisis.  

How can you get involved?

It’s really straightforward, just click here to set up a free easyfundraising page for your charity or voluntary organisation.

Once you've done that, share that you have signed up with your supporters, and encourage them to use the site when they are shopping online. 

For supporters: There is an app which can be downloaded for desktops (laptops, etc) and also a mobile app that means any applicable sites are automatically connected to their easyfundraising profile, making it a really easy way for them to boost your funds at no cost or extra hassle to themselves.

The site is linked to 8,000 retailers who will donate money to your cause when your supporters shop online with them – for free. It doesn’t anything extra as the retailer pays the donation, not the shopper.

Retailers include eBay, John Lewis, Tesco, Booking.com, M&S, Asda, Screwfix, Waitrose, Argos, Moonpig, Boots, Sainsbury’s, trainline and thousands more. 

Every 3 months, your organisation will receive the money your supporters have raised for you. As the funds you raise class as unrestricted, you can spend it on whatever you need.

easyfundraising enables people to give to your charity or organisation without it coming directly out of their pockets.

Here's an example:

Volunteer Chris is taking his family on a day out by train. Instead of visiting the Trainline website, Chris heads to easyfundraising’s website first and then clicks on the Trainline link.  easyfundraising directs Chris to Trainline, where he books his tickets. Because Chris started at easyfundraising first, the homeless shelter he volunteers at will receive a free donation directly from Trainline, at no extra cost to Chris.

This money is available from the retailers - over £50million has been donated to good causes through easyfundraising so far – don’t miss out on your share. Its free to register and use and is open to charities and voluntary organisations of all shapes and sizes. 

Visit: www.easyfundraising.org.uk/swansea to register your organisation now.