Adult and child painting togetherChildren and young people who are now living with a Kinship foster carer (usually another family member), often experience a lot of disruption in their lives.

An SGO Volunteer is a volunteer who is a consistent figure in the child, or young person’s life, building a positive relationship with them, by being friendly, reliable and providing a listening ear.

The volunteer may support children or their carers, or provide support to the whole family (both the carers and the children together). 

Our Special Guardianship Order (SGO) Scheme is a scheme for children/young people and their carers.

Some children who are 'looked after' are fortunate that their kinship (relative/friend) or foster carer will take on parental responsibilities for them in the form of an SGO. At that point, the child/young person is no longer 'looked after'.

However, the children/young people and their carers still deal with the issues they have faced prior to and during their time in the care system.

This can at times mean the carer or the child/young person or both, need the support of a volunteer to stabilise the family, offer a listening ear, emotional support and an opportunity to spend time with an independent volunteer and access support or activities as required.

We would generally hope that volunteers could offer longer periods of time (1 year+) for this opportunity due to the length of time it may take for a young person and volunteer to build a trusting befriending relationship.

As part of your role, you will gain a wealth of experience and further insight into the 'looked after' children system, by attending meetings and liaising with others. You may also be asked to support the carer only or maybe both the carer and the child.

For more details please contact Involve: [email protected]