Volunteering during Coronavirus poster

14th April - Following an unprecedented response from the people of Swansea, we've decided that we need put a temporary hold on new volunteer recruitment for support during the coronavirus. Click here for more

During the current crisis, both statutory and voluntary sector services will be overstretched, operating in different ways, and changing quickly to respond to our communities unmet need.

We anticipate that harnessing VOLUNTEER POWER in as organised and safe way as possible will be crucial.

Following an unprecedented response from the people of Swansea, with more than 1,400 people coming forward in a few weeks, we have temporarily put a hold on new volunteer recruitment. When the situation changes, we will update this page with links to sign up. Thank you to everyone who has come forward so far - we'll be in touch as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, you can email us at: [email protected] (please note, we're receiving a lot of contacts at the moment, so please bear with us)

Coronavirus new groups graphicHow else can you help?

SCVS are active on Facebook: @SwanseaCVS and Twitter: @SwanseaCVS and @VolSwansea - please follow us, and help to spread the word about offering support during this crisis. You can also download a printable / shareable version of the poster above by clicking on it.

Informal Volunteering SCVS Infosheet - Keeping safe and healthy - volunteering infographic april 2020 JPEGHave you already started volunteering informally in your community? Click here for a guide we've put together to make help you and the people you're supporting keep healthy and safe during the crisis.

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