HWB Abertawe

Mae HWB (Iechyd a Lles) Abertawe yn prosiect sydd yn cynnig cymorth a gwybodaeth ymarferol am fwyta’n iach i bobl sydd falle erioed wedi coginio o’r blaen, sydd angen mwy o wybodaeth am werth maeth bwyd, ac a fyddai’n elwa o gynyddu lefelau eu gweithgaredd corfforol.Read more

HWB Abertawe

HWB (Health&Well Being) Abertawe is a project offering practical support and advice about healthy eating to people who may never have cooked for themselves or their families, who have little or no knowledge of the nutritional value of food and who would benefit from raising their awareness of how to increase their physical activity levels.Read more

Swansea Youth Bank

Swansea Youth Bank is a youth led, grant giving panel of volunteers that provides grants to groups of young people to develop and run their own community projects across the City and County of Swansea.Read more


Transcend is a mental health peer mentoring project that is funded by ABMU Health Board. It provides volunteering opportunities for individuals with lived experience of mental health problemsRead more

Mental Health and Wellbeing Volunteering Project

The Mental Health and Wellbeing Volunteer Project, funded by ABMU and managed by SCVS, is a social support Project for people with mental ill health.Read more


Involve has a variety of schemes that engage people in need in Swansea. Involve recruit, train and support volunteers to be in a befriending/ Independent visitor role on a one to one or in a group setting to meet the needs of individual children, young people, families, adults with various needs or older people.Read more