Transcend project logoTranscend is a mental health peer mentoring project, funded by Swansea Bay University Health Board. It provides volunteering opportunities for individuals with lived experience of mental ill health.

Up to one in four people will have experienced mental health problems in the past year. Often, support from those who have an understanding of what they may be going through can make a real difference to people in their journey towards their mental health recovery.

Transcend volunteer mentors are people from all walks of life who have personal experience of mental health issues and have worked towards their own recovery. They are able to offer empathy, support and guidance to those in similar situations.

If you are interested in becoming a Transcend volunteer, click here. 

Getting support from Transcend

Are you or someone you know experiencing mental health difficulties, and living in the Swansea area? Transcend may be able to offer you help by ‘matching’ you with a mentor who can provide motivation, encouragement and a listening ear.

Transcend is a project which matches people with mental ill health to peer mentors. These peer mentors are trained volunteers who have lived experience of mental ill health. Volunteer mentors work with people to develop action plans or goals and take control of their own recovery by slowly building up trust and taking every step at the individual’s pace.

Some examples of goals are: starting volunteering, starting a course, using public transport, attending social groups: we hope that these types of goals will help you to become more confident by celebrating what you can do rather than what you can’t do.

If you would like to access support from Transcend, please click here to fill in the referral form. You can do this for yourself, or with the help from someone else including family, health professional, support worker or anyone that is helping you.

Please return the form by post to SCVS or email [email protected]. To speak to someone first, please call 01792 544000. 

If you are experiencing mental health problems,  there may also be other services that can help:

To view a directory of mental health services in Swansea and access other resources, please click here

To view the Samaritans website and freephone number please click here

To view the Counselling resource please click here

Transcend is managed by the Involve Volunteering Project