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Transcend is a mental health peer mentoring project that is funded by SB University Health Board. It provides volunteering opportunities for individuals with lived experience of mental health problems

Up to one in four people will have experienced mental health problems in the past year. Often, support from those from those who have an understanding of what they may be going through can make a real difference to people in their journey towards their mental health recovery.

Transcend volunteer mentors are people from all walks of life that have personal experience of mental health issues and have worked towards their own recovery. They are able to offer empathy, support and guidance to those in similar situations.

Getting support from Transcend

Are you or someone you know experiencing mental health difficulties, and living in the Swansea area? Transcend may be able to offer you help by ‘matching’ you with a mentor who can provide motivation, encouragement and a listening ear.

Volunteer mentors can empower people to take control of their own recovery by offering guidance in identifying skills, developing action plans and signposting to appropriate support.

If you would like to access support from Transcend, please call (01792) 457299 or email [email protected]  

To refer someone to Transcend, click here to download the mentee referral form 

To refer yourself to Transcend, click here to download the mentee self referral form

If you are experiencing mental health problems,  there may also be other services that can help:

To view a directory of mental health services in Swansea and access other resources, please click here

To view the Samaritans website and freephone number please click here

To view the Counselling resource please click here

Training and awareness

Mental Health care providers now have a commitment to a ‘Recovery’ focused approach to treatment and support, but ‘Recovery’ can be hard to understand. Transcend can provide recovery awareness training for both people that access mental health services, and those who support them. These courses are delivered by the project coordinator and often co-odelivered by Transcend volunteer mentors.

Transcend is managed by the Involve Volunteering Project