The Mental Health Development Service at SCVS facilitates joint working between voluntary organisations and statutory organisations. The service enables voluntary organisations to have their views taken into account when decisions are made regarding the planning and delivery of mental health services across the ABMU health board. The development service also supports and facilitates the local voluntary sector Mental Health Forum.

The Mental Health Development Service consists of the Mental Health Development Officer and the Information and Research Worker, and is funded through the Local Mental Health Grant Scheme and monitored by the Local Health Board. The service is part of Mental Health Action Wales (MHAW) which is the Association of Local Mental Health Voluntary Networks in Wales which brings local voluntary organisations together.

What does the Mental Health Development Service provide?

A Development and Support Network

The service supports and facilitates the local voluntary sector Mental Health Forum. The forum has developed a range of tools and services including a service directory, Crisis Cards, the Transcend peer mentoring project, events and consultations. For more information on the Mental Health Forum please click here. 

Service Development

The Mental Health Development Service supports the third sector in delivering services as well as brokering access to advice and guidance relating to health legislation, governance, funding, best practice and training. The service also promotes the role of the third sector in local, regional and national service provision and explores development opportunities in mental health and emotional well being.

Partnership and Planning

The service is an active member, where appropriate, in local and regional planning processes including sub groups. It also links local network forums to the regional partnerships and planning processes. The service also aims to be an active member in national planning and partnerships such as Mental Health Action Wales and its subgroups.


The development service provides information relating to relevant training opportunities available to the third sector.


The development service is committed to responding to appropriate local, regional and national consultations around policy, service legislation changes within mental health and well being. By working locally and regionally will seek the views of the third sector to develop joint consultation responses where appropriate


We provide mental health related information to the voluntary and statutory sector, service users and carers and the general public. We also publish a quarterly magazine 'Foreword', which will be of interest to anyone with an interest in mental health. If you would like to recieve a copy or contribute to the magazine, please contact us using the details below.

For more information on the Mental Health Development Service, please contact Helen Foster or Rachael Jenkins - Mental Health Development Officers on (01792) 544021 / 544020 or email / 

Mental Health Resources

The SCVS Mental Health Development Service publishes a range of resources for people in Swansea with mental health issues and those who support them.

Download the latest issue of 'Foreword' here...

‘Foreword’ is the quarterly publication of the Mental Health Development Service and is a great source of up to date information and news that will be of interest to the local mental health voluntary sector.

You can download the latest edition of Foreword by clicking here.

Download the Previous edition here

Mental Health & Wellbeing Directory for Swansea 

The development service publishes a directory of local and national services and resources available to people with mental health issues in Swansea and those who support them. The local entries are completed by the member organisations of the Swansea Mental Health Forum and the guide is updated every three months.

You can download the directory by clicking here.

Children & Young People's Mental Health & Wellbeing Directory for Swansea 

Mental health and wellbeing services, support and resources for children and young people aged 0-25.

You can download the Children and Young People's Directory by clicking here

Counselling Resource

A useful resource containing information and advice about counselling and counselling services in the Swansea area. Click here to download the Counselling Resource.

Crisis Cards

The development service also publishes a Crisis Card, which an individual can carry with them for use during times of distress. The card carries information about the person including emergency contacts, medication and diagnosis and other information that the person would like to record. The card also unfolds to provide a list of key mental health contacts that people can approach in a crisis. If you would like a crisis card, please contact Rachael Jenkins on 01792 544020 or email: