The SCVS Health, Social Care and Wellbeing Facilitator provides a link between the Third Sector, SBU Health Board and the Public to ensure the strategic direction of the Health Board is supported co-productively, working with the Third and Public Sectors, and with members of the public.

SCVS Health, Social Care and Wellbeing Facilitator - Amy Meredith-Davies - [email protected] / Tel: 07943 189233

The Health Social Care and Wellbeing Facilitator coordinates the following services:

Regional Health, Social Care and Wellbeing (HSCWB) Network

The HSCWB network was created to establish and increase dialogue between the Third Sector in Swansea, Neath Port Talbot and Bridgend and the Swansea Bay University (SBUHB) Health Board.

The Network meets four times a year and is supported by the Health, Social Care & Wellbeing Facilitators based at Swansea Council for Voluntary Service (SCVS), Neath Port Talbot Council for Voluntary Service (NPTCVS) and Bridgend Association for Voluntary Organisations (BAVO).

Visit the Regional Health, Social Care and Wellbeing Network page by clicking here for more information.

Procurement and Tendering

ABMU Health Board are revising how they fund the Third Sector. The HSCWB Facilitators will be the main link to update and consult with the Sector around this process.

For updates, please go to the Regional Health, Social Care and Wellbeing Network page.

Collaborative working between the Third Sector and GP Practices

Are you a Third Sector Organisation which would like to make links with GP Practices?

The Healthy Partnerships Project aims to increase the awareness of the role of the Third Sector in supporting self-care and independence. Work is currently taking place between GP Practices and Third Sector organisations throughout Swansea. Your organisation can be involved by either hosting an information stand in a GP Practice, or in some instances, giving a short presentation in staff training sessions.

Contact Amy for more information.


Are you interested in being a representative on strategic forums, in partnership with Health and Social Care?

The Facilitators work as a link between partners to ensure co-production, which aims to involve the Third Sector in strategic forums to ensure the end user of a service, and those whom it affects, are appropriately engaged and have a say on how services are delivered.

Contact Amy for more information.

Abertawe Bro Morgannwg Community Health Council (ABM CHC)

ABM CHC is the public’s independent ‘watchdog’ of the National Health Service in ABMU. They represent the public interest and play an important role in influencing the way that health services are planned, delivered and improved.

The Swansea has three Third Sector places, nominated by Swansea CVS. To apply to be a voluntary organisation member of ABM CHC, you need to be part of a Third Sector organisation in the Swansea area (you may be a volunteer, on the board, a member of staff or a carer).

Contact Amy for more information.

Support for individuals: The Health, Social Care and Wellbeing Facilitator supports individuals to enable them to have their say at local Forums and Networks. Contact Amy for more information.

Would you like to find out more about the health and wellbeing Services available to you in your community, City and wider?

The Swansea Healthy City Directory contains information about a variety of health and well-being groups that support people who want advice and information about health conditions, want to make healthier lifestyle choices or are looking for social support to help overcome isolation and keep active in the community.