charity commission logoThe Revitalising Trusts programme (a partnership between the Charity Commission and Community Foundation Wales) is there to support charities facing difficulties and help them get back up and running.

The Charity Commission registers and regulates charities in England and Wales - providing advice and support to help people to run their charities well. 

They know that most people will have the best intentions when becoming a trustee or setting up a charity. However, they also know that sometimes it can be difficult for charities to keep functioning effectively.

The Revitalising Trusts programme has already been a great success, revitalising over 1000 charities in six years. The project has helped ensure over £115 million, that was sitting dormant in charities’ accounts, is being used to make a difference in communities across Wales and England. 

The project either assists trustees to identify steps to get their charity back on track or for charities that decide to close, they offer advice on how to wind up and identify where best to redistribute any remaining assets. 

If you work for or manage a charity that has fallen inactive or you are finding it difficult to recruit new trustees, spend income, identify beneficiaries, or find time to run your charity, then the programme can help you. 

They are now sending out letters to charities in Swansea that they have identified as potentially in need of support from the programme.

If you need help but haven’t received a letter from the programme you can contact them on [email protected]