Cymryd Rhan logoCymryd Rhan has been dedicated to supporting the people of Wales for nearly four decades. Originally established by a group of parents grappling with the lack of post-special education support for their children, the Charity embodies core values of engagement, equality, opportunity, and inclusion.

These principles remain fundamental to our ethos today, centring each individual we assist at the core of our mission.

At Cymryd Rhan, our actions are gauged by their impact on those we support, guided by our Culture Codes, which outline our approach to aiding individuals:

Authenticity: We strive to maintain an organization true to its essence.

Autonomy: We empower individuals to live life on their own terms.

Community Focus: We foster a sense of belonging, allowing autonomy for communal advancement.

We work with people of all ages, ...with children so that they get a good start in life and don’t have to rely on our services later in life, ...with families to keep them on an even keel, ...with older people who face health challenges or loneliness.

We are not afraid of change and love to try new things – especially when it leads to a better outcome for the citizen.   We want to IMPROVE not prove.  We provide ASSURANCE not reassurance.  We remove barriers – not build them.  Our ultimate aim is to facilitate individuals in embracing their true selves, sometimes necessitating a shift in self-perception. 

Our services encompass various forms of assistance:

Financial Resilience Building: Supporting individuals and families in fortifying their financial stability.

Direct Payment Services: Collaborating with recipients to oversee and support care teams, empowering them with control over their care.

Loose Limbs Groups: Engaging seated exercise sessions combining music, movement, and camaraderie.

Phone Companions: Providing companionship and support for those experiencing loneliness or isolation.

Volunteer Development: Offering purposeful roles within our programs, potentially serving as a pathway to reintegration into the workforce.

Intergenerational Initiatives: Facilitating mutual learning between children and elderly individuals through group activities.

We extend our support not only to individuals and families but also to local community groups and charities, viewing them not as competitors but as partners in our shared mission to enhance the lives of Welsh citizens. Through collaboration and the provision of cost-effective specialized support services, such as Accountancy and Human Resources assistance, we empower these organizations to allocate more resources towards achieving their objectives.

Why are we so successful with supporting people and fellow charities?  Because we have been in their shoes.  We understand the problems they face.  Our success in supporting individuals and fellow charities stems from our firsthand experience and empathetic understanding of their challenges. For instance, our Childcare Business Support service in Merthyr Tydfil, funded by the Merthyr Tydfil County Council, draws from our own experience running a childcare facility in the area, enabling us to address the specific needs of childcare settings effectively.

CYMRYD RHAN PROVIDES THE RIGHT SUPPORT IN THE RIGHT WAY AT THE RIGHT TIME......a succinct summary of our commitment and dedication.

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For more information, look at our website at, email us at [email protected] or ring us on 01597 828050.