NIWA logoNIWA's Vision is a network of community groups across Wales, to promote unity, inclusion, community cohesion and peaceful co-existence amongst Nigerians in Wales and other local communities.


Building a resilient and sustainable environment for our communities in Wales, devoid of bigotry, prejudice, and all forms of discrimination.


Embracing our identity through our cultures and societies; Diversity and inclusion; Active participation; Mutual respect; Friendship, shared interest, and good neighbourliness; and to reach to all communities, embracing our togetherness.

The Nigerian community in Swansea began meeting as a group just before the Covid pandemic. The health and socio-economic disproportionate effects of the pandemic on members of this and other minority ethnic groups necessitated the need to formally register this organisation.

There was the need to pull the weight of our togetherness towards building a stronger and vibrant environment for our community members to thrive.

We recognise the existence of other Nigerian ethnic and faith groups across Wales and our intention is to act as an umbrella body that brings these groups together through partnerships and collaborations to reach the Wales-wide community.

We support communities to thrive by providing platforms for sharing information, signposting, implementing community projects, celebrating our national identity and above all promoting our rich and diverse culture and heritage. 

Our goal is to ensure community cohesion, integration and a peaceful coexistence with the local Welsh communities and other grassroots ethnic minority groups; and support to ensure all-round vibrant well-being.

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