Sunflowers Wales logoSunflowers Wales is a non-profit community group established by Ukrainian volunteers in Wales in May 2022 to support those affected by Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Since 2014, our members have been actively involved in organizing fundraising events and regularly sending humanitarian aid and medical supplies to Ukraine. For the last year, we have been sending them every other week. We work exclusively with trusted volunteers in Ukraine who promptly forward the shipments to hospitals, medics near the frontline, displaced persons centres, and more. 

Please visit our site for the detailed reports on our shipments and to learn about the various ways you can support us.

Since April 2022, a significant focus of our efforts has been providing support to Ukrainian refugees in Wales. Our goal is to create a supportive community for these individuals, assisting in their integration into Welsh society while preserving their cultural heritage.

Additionally, we act as a liaison between Ukrainian refugees and Welsh organisations. We are dedicated to promoting cultural exchange and providing emotional support through social events and charitable initiatives.

We have celebrated International Children's Day and Ukrainian Independence Day in Swansea, hosted "Taste of Ukraine" events in Llandeilo and Llanelli, organized children's Halloween, Christmas, and Easter parties in Swansea, and arranged group visits to local attractions in South Wales.


We encourage community involvement through activities such as litter pickings, cleaning initiatives, art classes for children, and participation in the Croeso festival. Our members actively engaged with Ukrainian refugees and their hosts at churches in Llanelli and Swansea. We collected and distributed clothing and other donations to those in need.

We provide a platform for Ukrainians to support their country. We offer regular Ukrainian dance classes, and our dance group, "Sunflowers," performs at various charity events across the UK. Our volunteers prepare Ukrainian food and souvenirs to be sold at fundraising events. We have several ongoing projects, and more are in the pipeline.

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