Raw Performance CIC logoRaw Performance CIC utilises the skills and fitness expertise of veterans to help improve the health and well-being of the community.

Raw Performance is a registered community interest company that offers free outdoor fitness, wellbeing, and nutritional programmes to help address obesity, diabetes, and mental health.

Providing free sessions to the community is important to us because we wanted to remove all the barriers preventing people from leading a healthy lifestyle.

The world has changed. Levels of physical activity have dropped, and health care costs have risen. The increasingly sedentary nature of everyday life is creating communities with alarmingly low levels of physical activity.

The cost of inactivity-related diseases, dependency and lost productivity are impacting on all of us. Insufficient physical activity is a top 4 leading risk factor for global mortality.

Besides the fact that the outdoor fitness classes will be free of charge, the main motivation for active users is the interaction with others.


The Raw Performance mission is simple - we want to provide the opportunity for people to be the best version of themselves through fitness and well-being support.

We offer a judgement-free environment for everyone, free of charge, in order to help them reach their health, fitness and well-being goals.

Raw Performance CIC activitiesRaw Performance CIC activitiesRaw Performance CIC activities


The Raw Performance vision is to establish a network of locations for anyone to participate in free fitness sessions. We want to provide people with the opportunity to join a welcoming and friendly community to support you to live a healthier lifestyle and work towards your fitness goals.

We are very proud that we have developed an offering which will have such a positive effect on the fabric of our society. We will appeal to all generations, all cultures, all social classes and indeed we create environments that build positivity.

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