Race Council Cymru logoRace Council Cymru (RCC) was established in 2010 as an overarching umbrella body with the mission to bring together key organisations within Wales to cooperate on promoting Integration, championing Justice and Race Equality in institutions and society.

The RCC Primary Stakeholders Forum currently has over 95 Pan-Wales grassroots community, public and third sector organisations working together to achieve its aims. Though RCC is a national organisation, its main office is in Swansea, with 50 percent of our membership, being Swansea based.

RCC engages with BAME grassroots communities and works directly with local authority and governing bodies to promote the awareness of race inequalities; monitor the workings of the Equality Act 2010 as relating to integration, race equality and justice to assess its impact and identify areas for improvement.

For the past 3 years, RCC has been serving as the elected ethnic minority representative on the WCVA’s Third Sector Partnership Council representing BAME groups within the sector and across Wales, namely the South West and North Wales. The RCC sits on a number of Welsh Government Forums including the joint Ministerial Forum to consider the Tackling Poverty Action Plan and the Welfare Reform discussions, and contributions through the Wales Race Forum (WRF) which meets bi-annually to discuss matters relating to race equality in Wales.

RCC sits on the planning and development committee of the WRF and works with other groups represented to support the work of the Welsh Government in promoting good race relations across public, private and Third Sector organisations in Wales. RCC engaged with the NHS Centre for Equality and Human Rights (CEHR), WLGA, WCVA, Wales Audit Office, Welsh Government, Local Authorities, Cooperative Cymru. RCC also serves on the Welsh Governments Independent Advisory Board for Tackling Hate Crime across Wales as well as the Welsh Governments Strategic Equality Board.

In addition to its work on a national and strategic level, RCC promotes race equality through activities on a local community level. Prominent examples include youth work across Wales, inviting young people to use their voices to influence national policy, and working with young people in Cardiff to develop their education and employment prospects.

Race Council Cymru also manages the Black History Month portfolio across Wales, promoting the art, culture and heritage of Black-African and Black-Caribbean in Wales. RCC also deliver bespoke Race and Diversity Training courses to public, private, Welsh Government and the Third Sector across Wales.

To find out more about Race Council Cymru’s work or working with them, please visit: www.racecouncilcymru.org.uk