Centre for African Entrepreneurship logoThe Centre for African Entrepreneurship (CAE) is a South-Wales based organisation that aims to inspire, support and promote African entrepreneurship. It was created to tackle poverty, inequality, and the issues and challenges faced by African migrants in the UK, and people in Africa.

African immigrants, including asylum seekers and refugees can face a number of specific barriers when they try to secure employment in the UK. First and foremost are the challenges with obtaining UK accreditation for their skills and education. Lack of UK work experience, lack of knowledge about British workplace culture, low proficiency in English, isolation, discrimination and depression are also common challenges.

Pushed by the above obstacles, they turn to self-employment and entrepreneurship, but there are not enough specific support programmes to assist and guide this community to start their own businesses. They are unable to access finance and start-up capital, as Afro-Caribbeans are less likely to access external finance compared to other ethnic groups as this community is not fully aware of existing resources.

The Centre for African Entrepreneurship provides ‘cultural’ resources and opportunity structures that facilitate access to business opportunities for African Entrepreneurs. Our activities include:

- Workshops & seminars to provide information on business opportunities, and funding

- Volunteering work to get experience in Business

- Campaign, and encourage African entrepreneurship

- Business idea development workshops.

- Networking opportunities and platform for knowledge exchange

The Centre for African Entrepreneurship delivers projects locally and internationally, providing practical and easily accessible training for African entrepreneurs at a local level in the UK and in Africa, addressing the specific day-to-day challenges that people face. It also provides provision of capacity building, which aim to reduce the risk of failure and hence wasted time and resources.

For more information, visit: www.caentr.org