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Located in the heart of Swansea is a South Wales based organisation known as The CAE. The CAE is well known within the BAME community as it has constantly been a pillar of support to people of Black and Ethnic minority backgrounds over the years.

Established in July 2015, The CAE has expanded its vision and mission from being an African Centered Organisation, to enable it to meet the rising needs of all ethnic minority communities within and around Swansea.

The services offered by The CAE mainly cut across Integration guidance and support for Refugees and Asylum seekers, Entrepreneurship support and Employment support. This means that whether you are new in Swansea and not sure what your next steps should be, or whether you already live in Swansea but need help with any of the above, The CAE is the organisation for you. Through partnerships with various private and government institutions, their dedicated staff are equipped to support you or to connect you with the right coaches or mentors to guide you through your journey. 

In line with their aim to create a vibrant BAME community with Swansea, where the most vulnerable and marginalised are inspired and empowered, the organisation hosts a variety of informative sessions, career workshops, seminars and fun events throughout the year. These are aimed at bringing people together for networking opportunities, improving mental health issues and providing access to various forms of support including funding. They provide ‘cultural’ resources and opportunity structures that facilitate access to business opportunities for BAME entrepreneurs. Other activities and opportunities include volunteering to gain experience in Business and campaigning to support and encourage entrepreneurship amongst BAME communities

Through various funded projects such as Time to Work, YEN and IYR, the organisation has and continues to offer bespoke support to specific target groups such as the unemployed, young BAME people with business ideas or startups and young refugees/ asylum seekers. Their foodbank services have also made The CAE stand out as one of its kind, with their door-to-door delivery of food parcels to the homes of needy students, individuals and families within and around Swansea.

The organisation remains flexible in the services they provide while retaining focus on their mission, which is to tackle problems of inequality and poverty within ethnic minority communities. Currently therefore, as the world faces the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, and with BAME communities appearing to be most affected, The CAE has rapidly evolved and is responding by providing countless support to the vulnerable and needy within the community. Between mid-March and mid-April 2020, the organisation through their dedicated staff and volunteers delivered over 200 parcels of food to needy BAME individuals and families. Through their helplines, website and social media pages their services and support remain accessible to all.

Follow The CAE on: Twitter - @CAE_Wales, Instagram - @cae_wales, Facebook - @Centre for African Entrepreneurship – CAE or LinkedIn - @The Centre for African Entrepreneurship to stay up to date with their activities and upcoming events in Swansea. You can also visit their website to learn more: www.caentr.org